Charlotte Schulz

An unforeseen flood and the overturning of a life, the dispersing of a family with its accompanying sense of loss, the competing claims between cultures on a particular territory—these small, private histories against large, collective experiences are the notions driving my work.
I shape and disrupt my drawings by tearing, folding, bending, and crumpling the paper. At the same time, I situate rendered images of domestic interiors, geological formations, personal objects, and weather. My aim is to create a visual correspondence to forces felt in the world and in us—forces both intimate as well as social and environmental.
Through the careful blending of charcoal with delicate erasure, I imbue these visual allegories with an otherworldly quality while conveying a shared emotional landscape. Moreover, within the work, the drawings depict intersections between the realms of the concrete and the intangible.